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Gas Boilers
  We are registered gas installers and safety is our first priority. We install new top of the range high efficiency gas boilers at reasonable prices. Grants are available for energy saving boilers and heating controls. Free over phone estimates are given on all work.

We repair and service existing gas boilers and heating systems and can call out at short notice if repair is required.

Gas Fires
  We install all types of gas fires and repair existing fires to comply with all safety standards.

Gas Leaks Repaired
  We repair gas leaks and all work is certified to the gas authorities requirements.

LPG, Propane, Safety....
  We install and repair LPG. Gas boilers and gas fires We can also explain to you what safety devices are installed in your system and their use. Many things that customers should know about their propane tank are very easily seen without having to know the technicalities of propane tanks and the regulations tanks are subject to. We can show you the simple tank related safety and compliance items consumers can see for themselves without having to know technical details.

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